Empowering Women to Change Their Lives


 Welcome. You’re at the right place. MiddleWay Counseling welcomes you to get the support you deserve to improve your physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health.  

You already have courage.

Now you can get the support you need to create - or recreate - a life that’s right for you…a life in which you are supported as you heal old wounds, build a new life, and learn to support yourself from the inside out.

I will walk with you and support you as you learn to support yourself. We will practice self-compassion and mindfulness. Over and over, I will help you begin anew until your new skills are set within you and you’re able to thrive, not just survive.

I understand where you may be and how it feels to start over.

I’ve been there.

As we work together, I will never let you turn on yourself, because if ‘should-ing’ on yourself worked, it would have worked by now.

You’ve already tried going it alone. Maybe you’ve bought some self-help books and tried really hard to change things for yourself. And you could keep going this route; keep reading, keep trying, keep waiting. But here’s the thing: if you want to MOVE forward; if you want to stop trying and start feeling greater clarity and self-compassion so that no matter what happens, you know in your core - I GOT THIS…then please ask for help.

You already have courage.

Now get the support you deserve to help you build the life you most desire.

Our work together works - it heals and is evidence-based.  Women heal, hope, and thrive better working together with a counselor who nurtures your strengths and helps you develop your skills. 

 We stand in the truth that healing happens together, connection lessens pain, and love heals.   

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